About Us

Crossland Strategic Metals Limited (CUX)  (previous name Crossland Uranium Mines Limited) was formed from the merger of Crossland Mines Pty Ltd and Klondike Source Limited (KSL), which was completed on May 31, 2006.

CUX's experienced team includes experts in exploration and mining with the experience and track record required to acquire, find, and develop profitable mines. CUX currently focuses its efforts on Rare Earth Elements in North Australia, currently at Charley Creek out of Alice Springs. 

CUX people also have a great track record in the uranium fields of North Australia. These contain most of Australia's profitable uranium mines, including Ranger, Australia's largest uranium producer.

CUX Board members, geophysicist Bob Richardson, geologist Geoff Eupene, geologist Sia Hok Kiang, accountant Mal Smartt and mining engineer Eric Vesel have had strong associations with exploration, development, permitting, and operations stretching over many years. Members of the team have participated in the development of several other notable NT Mining projects. They have the talent and experience to succeed in the multiple facets of successful mine development in North Australia.

Crossland's various public releases through ASX, as well as this website, contain the most up to date developments on the Charley Creek Project.