Diamond & Base Metals

Crossland commenced its corporate history with a group of projects across North Australia with potential for a variety of commodities, not only uranium. Crossland continues to advance these for so long as they respond positively to exploration, without shifting primary focus from REE and uranium.

In 2009- 2010, Crossland recognised the potential for discovery of base metals in association with uranium in the Buchanan exploration licence, part of the Chilling Project. Extensive drilling was carried out on the licence, including both Aircore and Diamond core methods to test this potential. Lead and zinc sulphides were intersected in this drilling which warrants follow-up.  

Lake Woods Project.

The Lake Woods Project, which is 100% Crossland owned, was initially taken up for its diamond potential. The original tenements covered a basement high separating the Cambrian Georgina and Wiso Basins, at the northern end of the Tennant Creek Inlier. 

An anomaious number of microdiamonds with rare crystal forms is found in the project area, suggesting a local source.

Following Geological and Geophysical data interpretation, which recognised the presence of an unusual intrusive body, Crossland considers the project to also be prospective for nickel- copper mineralisation.